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Alwheel drive and new tires

I have a 2000 Audi a6 Quatro avant

I have 1 front tire that blew out so i Wandt to by 2 new ones

The tire dealers say I have to buy four because it would be hard on the all wheel drive differential if the back ones are have worn and I put only two new on one axel because the worn ones would have a smaller diameter, thiis only afew 32nds of an inch on a 16 inch tire- can this make a difference- or is this a ripoof to bu more tires, with the poor economy in my familly I donot want to invest another 300 on tires unless needed

I’d read what your owner’s manual has to say about it. Some AWD systems are more sensitive than others, though I believe that since Audi’s is one of the better AWD systems it’s also one of the more sensitive ones.

You might try calling around as some places have special equipment that can shave the tire down to match the other three.

You should check your owner’s manual, but I believe you need four new tyres. Even a very small difference can cause problems and some very expensive repairs.

I is possible to shave down the new tyres to match the old ones, but if it is a few 32nds I would opt for four new.

Just a note: Those fancy large wheel skinny tyre setups do make for a greater chance of pothole damage, which appears to be what happened to you and I understand the tyres and rims are generally more expensive.

That (the tire dealer) is…true.
As GreasyJack says, the only other recourse is to have one new tire shaved to the same diameter as the other tires; or, shop around at tire stores and service stations for the same tire, worn to the same diameter.

Check this link out about all the info:

The crux of the article is on Audi within 4/32" in tread depth is fine. Make sure you buy the same make,model and size of tire if only replacing 1 or 2 tires. Different tires models even though they show the same size are slightly different in rolling circumference.

As the others have already stated or implied, it would be false ecoomy to buy just one tire for your AWD vehicle. You would save a few hundred dollars now, but would wind up paying perhaps a few thousand dollars (it IS an Audi) for replacing your center differential in a few weeks, due to the damage imposed on it by the difference in tire circumference.

But–don’t just take my word for it. Open up your glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and read what the car’s manufacturer has to say on this topic.