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Always Replacing Crankshaft Position Sensor

My car is a 2005 Saturn Ion-2

My car every winter (this is the 5th) has a problem when it hesitates. Almost like the car just stops for a split second and then continues on its way. Once it does this for awhile, at some point it will just do this until the car dies. Also, the check engine light will not go on until the car is very close to dieing.

Also sometimes when this problem happens the car will not start (will not even turn over but the clock and interior light comes on so it cant be the battery). You then go back a couple of hours later it will start without issue. This does not make the check engine light come on.

Now whenever this dies with the light, it has always been the Crankshaft Position Sensor. However when it started this year I decided to have it change pro-actively. However now when it snows (or it could be very cold - but when its very cold it is snowing) it is still doing it. So I am wondering if there is anything else that we should be checking on.

One thing I have potentially heard is that it could be the ignition doing this. I only bring that up because occasionally the car does not want to let the key go right away when turning the car off. You hear a series of clicks like the car wants to let it go, but can’t. It will eventually work (typically after about 5 seconds). Could this be related?

Is there something else I should be looking for?

What, exactly, is the code? A code doesn’t really tell you to replace a part. It tells you to troubleshoot a system involving the part. So, e.g., has anyone inspected the wiring for the CKP sensor? The wiring harness? The CKP is also relatively low on the engine and susceptible to having things like water, snow & other debris kick up and either damage it or interfere with its wiring. Has anyone carefully inspected your splash shields to make sure that it is getting the protection that it requires?

BTW, the ckp is part of the ignition system. Whatever you’re saying about the ignition switch & cylinder where you stick the key is not likely an issue.

Sadly I know next to nothing about cars and always had someone else do the repair. Probably can’t help me much with the car issue without a code eh?

I will ask the guy about the splash guards on the car.

Also ask if the entire circuit for the sensor was every inspected - a little crak or fray in a wire + a little moisture or something = poor/no sensor signal = some kind of code.

Just fyi, if you go to a big box type auto parts store (e.g. Autozone) many of them will pull the codes for free. The format is P0123 - if you can get them post them.