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Aluminum heads vs. cast iron heads

I live in North Iowa and need to update my plow truck. I need a 3/4 ton for my business snow removal. Everyone tells me NOT to get one with aluminum heads. Chevy switched 1/2 way through 2000 and Dodge did after 2002. “Get cast iron heads” everyone says. What is your suggestion?

That is good advice.
Are there any old Dodge Power Wagons available in good condition in your area?

Just out of curiosity, Why are aluminum heads a bad idea? My 02 s10 4cl had an aluminum head and runs like a champ. Befor you say it I know that iron and aluminum had different rates of expansion. Is that why are wary of them? If so I think the head gasket can be engineered to deal with this. Like I said just curious of your reasoning.

The logic behind this is probably due to your using the truck as a plow. This could mean somewhat more engine overheating and aluminum heads are more prone to warping with heat than cast iron heads.

This does not mean that any aluminum headed engine that overheats somewhat will instantly warp the heads; only that the tendency is greater.
If this plow is only for your personal use and is a sometimes thing then I don’t think whether the heads are aluminum or cast iron would even be a consideration.

My reasoning is that iron heads are more stable and much stronger. For a daily driver the aluminum heads are just fine. For rugged use the cast iron heads are just more reliable. Cast iron heads from the early 20th century are still in use. Aluminum heads from the 60’s are mostly in the scrap heap. If you overheat an aluminum head or strip out a bolt then you are in for a rough time…a very rough time.

Warping of the aluminum heads is the reason. I see newer 3/4 tons with plows on them, but doing research before I commit to one.