Aluminum Carbonate

Ask for your money back on all those chemistry classes, Tom and Ray. Although I suspect if someone plunked down a $10 bill you’d remember the right answer in a hurry.
Aluminum valence usually= 3 AL+++
Carbonate (CO3) valence =2 (CO3)–
Ergo Aluminum Carbonate needs 2 Aluminums for every 3 carbonates to share 6 electrons right

The Chemical industry and everyone in West Virginia thanks you for repairing their cars all these years and not being chemists!

John Tietjen

I guess that you must have heard something about aluminum carbonate on a prerecorded show recently. I’m not familiar with the segment. If you explain the show segment that you are unhappy with, your rant may seem less unusual.

That (old) segment is being re-aired this weekend, which is why the OP is responding to it. It aired this morning in my neck of the woods.

This should probably be moved to “The Show” category…