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Altima SL V4 vesus V6

I’m interested in buying the Altima SL…should I get the V4 or the V6?

Drive 'em and see. With $4 gas, I’d for the the I4 (it’s not a V4). I’ve driven one, had enough pep for me. Just drove a Maxima (a fancy V6 Altima, basically) and it didn’t do much more for me.

Thansk for your reply. I drove the I4 and it had plenty of power. I am just wondering if the four cylander will have more mechanical problems than the six?

Car and Driver magazine did a long term review of a 2007 Altima with a V6 and a manual transmission (July, 08). See:

Nissan recommends (but does not require) premium fuel for the V6. Car and Driver states the following:

?Through both the sun and snow, the Altima was surprisingly frugal with fuel, returning 24 mpg over its 14 months with us, 5 mpg more than its updated 2008 EPA city rating. Plus, a few long hauls on freeways resulted in better numbers than the EPA?s 27-mpg highway estimate for 2008. Only fire-sale city driving or an accidental fill-up with lower-octane gas returned fuel economy below 20 mpg. The mileage drop from using less than premium gas occurs when the engine retards the spark to reduce the chance of knock, which also reduces power and efficiency, and the Altima seemed especially sensitive to fuel quality. ?

I have no specific knowledge of these two particular engines, but in general, the total cost of ownership for an I4 will be less than that of a V6, even if the mileage is equivalent. Nissan has built a lot of I4s through the years, and they have earned a pretty good reputation. I would buy with confidence.

Either one will power the car nicely. Usually I always say “get the bigger engine” but having sold and driven many Nissans. I can honestly say that the 4 cylinder in the Altima is more than adequate. With that said, the V6 Altimas are very quick for a family sedan. The real world fuel mileage isn’t as big a difference as you may think, (probably about 3 MPG overall). But the V6 does command a hefty price. Overall the I4 is the better deal.