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Alternator 06 sienna

My battery scrapped out - bought it used more than two years ago. While I was getting another he checked my alternator and said it was charging but charging low and it would need to be replaced soon but I had a little time. Since putting on the other battery I’ve had no issues with it starting and no lights ever came on or are on now. My question is he said it would be okay to drive out of town but I travel 3 hours one way to appointments for my kids and would rather not be stranded on the interstate. He said it would be fine but I’d like another opinion. Also, how hard is it to change the alternator if I want to save money and do it myself? I’ve changed them before but on 90s vehicles and not one this new.

Alternators don’t usually fade to failure. They either work, partially work, or fail. Without knowing how much voltage it is actually producing when the car is running, it is impossible to tell what the alternator’s condition is.

Any travel with a car that needs service is a risk. How much depends on many, many things and not just car things.

As for an alternator being a DIY job, if you don’t have a jack, jack stands, a good tool set, and a good voltmeter to diagnose and verify the repair, I’d suggest you not try to DIY it.


Voltmeter won’t help here. This is a current issue and that requires an amp clamp.