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All wheel drive

I am having a difficult time understanding how four wheel drive would help keep you stop faster (if needed) or keep you from skidding off the road on a curve as opposed to a two wheel drive.

NEVER said it could help you stop faster.

As for cornering…If it’s real slick…on a 2wd vehicle the front wheels will just slide as you turn them…with a 4wd system they’ll turn and PULL you through a turn. I suggest you try driving a 4wd system before you make assumptions.

We all agree it is the driver that is most important. I would also suggest that some cars have better balance and for that reason are easier to control on snow and ice, but that is independent of four wheel drive.

I don’t disagree with that. But a 4wd system is so much superior to 2wd in driving in snow…I don’t care how balanced the car is…there will be situations and roads the 2wd vehicle won’t even be able to traverse…while a 4wd system will keep chugging away straight and under control. There are a couple of hills in the town I grew up in that was IMPOSSIBLE for almost any rwd vehicle to go up during one of the 30 or 40 6" snow storms we got annually…and many 2wd vehicles couldn’t traverse it either. Most had to take the long way around (about a mile out of the way) on these snow days…But at least 3-5 times a year…some idiot would attempt it a 2wd vehicle and cause a HUGH backup…especially if this happened during rush hour. I will pretty much GURANTEE you that you can NOT make up this hill in a 2wd vehicle during one of these storms…no matter what tires you have on the car…

The Acura has SH AWD (super handling all wheel drive). There are clutches in the rear differential that send more torque to the outside wheel in a corner. This is supposed to improve cornering by reducing understeer. I’ve read a couple road tests that say it is worthwhile.

I never read anything about the other systems you list.