All wheel drive with a stick

Hi there, is it possible to have all wheel drive and a manual transmission? I was told by the Mercedes dealer that it is not?

The Subaru WRX
The Mitsubishi EVO
The Nissan Skyline GT-R
The Lamborghini Murci?lago
The Audi RS4

All of these can he had with manual transmissions and AWD. The Mercedes dealer is either trying to sway to buying one of their cars, or is simply incompetent.

Mercedes may not sell cars that way, but other manufacturers do.

Subaru comes immediately to mind, and I’m sure there are many other choices.

There’s nothing about all wheel drive that requires an automatic transmission.

A lot of car salespeople don’t even know the right answers about the cars they actually sell. Forget knowing about the competition’s cars.

I actually heard a salesman tell a woman once “It has a turbo so you’ll never get stuck in the snow.”

Great thanks - very helpful.

Too funny - thanks

I thought so - thanks.

Absolutely, back when I was selling cars, the lack of product knowledge exhibited by 95% of the salespeople I knew was staggering. I saw one guy selling a used 911, he was schmoozing a customer, and the customer asked about how much horsepower, the car had, the salesman proudly pointed to the hood of the 911, and proclaimed that there were “380 horses under here”. Of course he was wrong partially because the HP rating for that particular model was 316, but mostly because the 911 is rear engined, and he was pointing at the trunk.

Agreed. I have heard some real dumb stuff out there. Thanks.

An equally good one was told to my brother and sister-in-law by an especially stupid car salesman.

My brother pointed to a button on the dashboard of a new car in the showroom, and the button was marked Traction Control. Although he is quite familiar with this type of device, my brother decided to see if the salesman was as dumb as he appeared to be.

He asked the salesman, “What does this button do?”

The salesman’s reply was, “Oh, when you push that button, the car gets heavier”.

My brother responded by saying, “I’m really impressed that the engineers have figured out how to defy the laws of physics”, and then he and his wife exited the showroom in search of intelligent life. They still laugh about this incident, several years later.

That is great!!

What about a similar car? The Audi A4 Quattro comes with a manual transmission. BMW 328i and 335i x-Drive coupes and sedans have a manual transmission. Even the 328i x-Drive wagon has a manual. And for just a little bit more, you could own a Porsche Panamera 4.

Thanks. I will look into the BMW - I have had two and loved them. The Porsche is beautiful and maybe after my finances recover in the not too distant future I will consider it.


Subaru Outback, Legacy and Impreza are all available with manual transmissions. The WRX is sold ONLY with manual transmission.

I like to ask car salespeople what the MPG and horsepower of a particular new car they are selling has. It’s on the Mulroney sticker, and most don’t even know that.

BMW X-5’s (the 3.0 6 cylinder version) were available with a manual trans in the early part of the decade (like 2000). I only saw one of these vehicles so equipped (and we did not sell it)

Salesman was probably afraid he’d have to drive one up front for you. Not knowing how to drive a standard himself…