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Alignment shop

Hi.My sister had 4 tires installed in June and an alignment.I noticed the front tires are wearing on the inside edge…bad.Camber issue I suspect.I took it to the shop and they told me i’m sol?Shouldn’t they stand behind their work and replace these tires and realign?

I don’t know of any shops that will guarantee an alignment for 9 months. A lot can happen in that time. You are probably out of luck.

Depends on the warranty offered to the alignment. Some have none; some may provide a 90 day/4000 mile warranty. As owner you are responsible for the rest.

Problem with a long alignment guarantee is that there are too many hazards on the road that could knock the car out of alignment, and the proprietor is not inclined to pay for those issues.


While your sister may have been careful in her driving, the fact remains that the car could have been driven though a huge number of potholes during that 9 month period, and as a result no shop will stand behind an alignment for that long a period of time.

Tell your sister that she should check her tire pressure every couple of weeks, and that she should visually check the tire treads each time that she checks the tire pressure. This way, if an unusual wear pattern is starting, it can be discovered and corrected by re-alignment before the wear becomes severe. This is what I do, and it is an excellent way to prevent an incipient situation from becoming something more serious.

My local alignment shop does 6 months - I always thought that was pretty good.

Of course, the problem on the customer’s part is not all mess ups on alignments are noticeable - until the tires start to show it.

Anyway - I might give them one more shot, but I wouldn’t be optimistic about spending much time or energy on it.

Have the alignment checked at another shop,if its way off present the facts. It would have been good to start the discussion with these specs. already in hand,now they are going to dig in their heels,unless you can show a MAJOR toe or other issue.

Never a tire replacement maybe some co-pay,you should catch these things before they total the tires, like at oil change times.

Negative camber can cause wear on the inside edges and so can too much toe-out.

About all that can be done is take it elsewhere and have the alignment checked along with having the suspension components inspected.
You did not state what kind of car and how many miles are on it either.

Another unknown is that this is your sister’s car and it only takes one big pothole or curb strike to knock the alignment out of whack.

If someone had noticed the tires were starting to wear a few weeks after the alignment then you might have a case. At this point, and considering it’s not even your car, it’s not likely.

Did the car pull to one side and if so, and when did it start doing that? If it did not pull, then the incorrect toe or incorrect camber settings were identical leading to the possibility of initial misalignment.

Unfortunately, wheel alignment done wrong is difficult to prove as an alignment can be ruined by hitting a curb too hard while parking or hitting a large pothole or bump with the brakes strongly applied. With brakes off, modern cars are pretty resistant to losing alignment settings on rough roads.

Thanks for all the replys.I should have caught the uneven tire wear sooner.Won’t happen again.