Alignement/transmission related?

Is there a relationship between proper wheel alignment and transmission problems? The transmission on my '94 Civic HB (manual) needs replacing (it still runs well), and the guy that aligned the wheels said he can’t do a proper job until we get the transmission fixed. How can that be?

He’s probably basing this on the fact that some of the front suspension will have to be undone to remove the transmission.
Even on vehicles in which the camber and caster is fixed there is enough movement there that simply unbolting and reinstalling the suspension components can alter the readings on the alignment rack.

He’s correct and hope the comment helps to explain it.

He can do a proper job but it will need to be done again if the transmission is removed and replaced. Otherwise there is no relationship between a failing or failed transmission and front/rear wheel alignment.

That’s what I thought. Thanks.

I think you might be saying the same thing as the guy that follows. If that’s the case, then yes, I get it. Thanks so much!