Alero head gasket oil leak

Have a 2000 Alero. Mechanic says oil on ground is from leaking head gasket. $3000 to repair, or buy rebuilt engine for about the same. I thought head gasket leaks were into the coolant, not outside. Is this legit, including the cost? Valve cover gaskets were replaced earlier this year. Should I get another opinion? Other possible sources of leak?


What engine?

Are you sure you don’t have a leaky front main seal . . . that can leave a lot of oil on the ground

In any case . . . “$3000 to repair” seems very steep

You could probably BUY an entire 2000 Alero for that amount

I think you should get a second opinion

If it has the 3.4 engine, it could be the intake leaking, or the oil pump drive o ring. The intakes leak on all of those eventually.

An intake reseal job on those are 600-900 bucks.