Airstreaming a 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Vans

How much does it cost to airstream it?

If you have to ask…


An Airstream coach is $200,000. You may not have the correct chassis to build an RV on so the price will be $200,000.

maybe this is what OP is talking about…
2014 Airstream Interstate Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV Conversion Motorhome Van - Product Hightlights - YouTube

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van is the least expensive part of the conversion.

A conversion van based on a 2014 Sprinter depends on a few things. First, which one will you start with? Next, what do you want to do to it? The sky is the limit for material costs. I suggest that you take your 2104 Sprinter to a few conversion shops and ask them what it would cost to do what you want to it. BTW, you never said exactly what you want, so we can’t help. You need to tell us a lot more.

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Seems the place to ask that question is…

Airstream, don’t you think?

A company like Sportsmobile can offer you more choices than you could ever want, looks like it’s in the $50,000+ range for a full conversion.

Now that would make way too much sense


Maybe, maybe not. Why would they tell someone how to do what they do? I suppose they might provide a list of features, but they do that already.

Put it in a wind tunnel designed for jet aircraft, and whatever is left
after the test is your airstreamed vehicle.

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You only have a few options with the 19ft Airstream Sprinter van, 4wd and a few paint and interior choices, SportsMobile could go one of several ways with this van, from just a pop top going to a Class B Motorhome, depending how much the OP is willing to invest in this project. A shower and toilet are both options but depend on how nice you need those to be.

My parents boat has a flush toilet but it’s mainly used when they anchor overnight somewhere that they can’t go ashore for such things. A stove/Heater would have been $3,000 so they use a camp stove when they need to.