Airbag light blinking

I’m thinking about buying my father-in-law’s 92 Grand Marquis from his estate for my 16 year old. He bought it new, it has 75K miles, and looks like new. Unfortunately, the airbag light is blinking; five times then two times and repeats.

Any idea what this means? I presume, at least, that it’s not functioning, which is not good. The expense in my secondary concern.

You’re right, it probably isn’t working!

Since it’s in your father-in-law’s estate, is there a chance you can take it and get a diagnosis and estimate?

I know I wanted my 16 year-old to be as safe as possible and a large car is safer, in general (Insurance co. recommends mid to large size for teens).

This could be money well spent, whether you buy or not. You could have it “safety checked” while in the shop!