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Air intake, Honda civic EX 99

I would like to put an air intake on my honda civic EX 99 (76 Kmiles) however I have couple of questions

can it damage my engine?

Can it overfoce the engine?

DOes it really increase the Horse power?


  1. usually not, although most have oil-gauze air filters, so care must be taken when you re-oil the filter. Too much oil = fried MAF sensor. Most people who have issues with Mass Air sensors burning up with oil-impregnated filters simply over oil them. That being said, a paper filter is more effective with the actual filtering of air.

  2. I don’t understand the question

  3. A little, it depends on how restrictive the OEM intake is. Most gains will be realized with at wide open throttle and on engines running some kind of forced induction. If you’re running a stock Honda engine throwing a CAI is more for looks than anything else.

  1. It depends on the intake, and more importantly, on the filter. If the filter allows more dirt to pass, then, yes, it can potentially damage your engine. There have been many reports of damage to mass air flow sensors caused by oil from the filter migrating to the MAF. Keep this in mind if you’re contemplating something with an oiled filter.

  2. An intake modification, all by itself, will not overfeed, or in any way force too much air into the engine, unless you’re talking about adding a turbocharger or supercharger. The engine draws in as much air as it needs, unless it it restricted in some way.

  3. If there is a horsepower increase (unlikely) it won’t be enough to notice. What you will get is more noise, which many people interpret as more power. If, by some miracle, you get a few more horsepower, your gas mileage will be reduced as a consequence.

The Honda factory engineers designed the air intake system on your Civic to provide all the air the engine will ever need, while protecting the engine from dirt particles and other debris in the incoming air. The Honda engineers are among the best on the planet. Why do you think you can improve on their work with a simple modification like this?

If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, you’ll want to skip the true cold air intake that goes into your wheel well

These are more for ‘show’ than ‘go’. Feels faster because the engine’s louder. I don’t like the oiled filters, actually poorer at getting the dirt out according to some studies. I’d save your money, unless you’re thinking of doing a number of things to the car.