Air freshener ruined my radio dials!



I had one of those little air fresheners of liquid oil that you attach to your fan vent. It has dripped onto my fan controls and radio controls and ruined the finish. It looks like someone burned them with a cigarette and the paint has blistered up and peeled away to the white background. Any idea how I can get it looking half way decent again? Chrysler Pacifica if that matters. thanks.


Replacement knobs are available either at the Dealer at the place the radios are refurbished or the junkyard.


Thanks for the answer, but I don’t think it will help me. You see, after closely looking at these controls, I don’t think they come out; they seem to be part of the console or dash. Once the damage occurred, you can see that they are actually white underneath and have black vinyl decals or stickers applied over them. The decals have the words cut into them, so that the white shows thru and the backlight makes them glow in the dark. I will contact Chrysler though to see if they have replacement stickers. Sounds pretty cheap, huh? Until they melted, it did look like they were painted on.