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Air flow filter for 2003 lancer

Recently i went to a mechanic in ouyen to service my car and he says it got a faulty Air flow meter and need to replace that. He is charging 1000 $ (thousand dollars), which is not at all fair, as my car is with him can we take any action against him by law or how get back my car. and this is happening is Australia (Thats what suprise me)

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Seeing that this is a U.S. based forum, I doubt anyone here knows the laws in Australia that apply to your case.

And how much of that is for diagnostic work, somebody has to pay him for figuring out what is wrong with your car.

In the United States a customer can simply ask for their vehicle and decline the repairs. Are you required to follow though with the repair? What type of service did you take the vehicle in for?

I’m seeing the replacement part is about $400 (US) and about 1/2 hour labor. So in US dollars that would work out to about $475 ((US), which is about $750 Australian dollars. So $1000 Australian dollars isn’t too far out of line. I expect they are doing more than simply replacing the sensor. Maybe there’s a fee for diagnostic time they are adding on. IMO – provided this shop came to your via good recommendations — pay the $1000 and get the sensor replaced.

Alternatives, ask if it makes sense to punt & try cleaning the sensor as a first try. Sometimes that works. As far as getting your car back without paying the fee, I’m not sure how that works if they’ve already done the work. If they haven’t already done the work I expect you could get your car back here, but you may still have to pay a fee for the time they’ve already spent. If you refuse to pay the fee, I expect they’ll keep your car as security, even in the USA.