Air Filter

I have heard of an expensive air filter ($70?) that will help get about 2 mpg more. Is this true? I have a Chrysler T&C and only get 21 mpg around town.

I have never seen any air filter that would give me a 10% increase in gas mileage, due to the air filter alone. Save $50 and keep the OEM one clean. change every 20-30K miles religiously.

PS: I have an MPV and your 21 mpg around town beats my gas mileage of 2 mpg. Maybe you are doing fine as-is.

Oops, I get 19 mpg, not 2 mpg on my MPV around town!!

Hang on to your wallet; the company’s claims are false.

BTW, your 21 mpg in town is rather good for a Chrysler T&C. You likely have good driving habits.

I would avoid those (K&N type) filters. The do allow more air flow, and my result in a tiny fuel savings, but they also tend to allow more dirt into the engine. Stick with the stock air filter, just make sure to replace it when required.

Don’t. Most don’t do nearly what they claim and some reduce mileage. Also most (despite what they say) don’t clean as well as standard filters and can cause damage, particularily those (K&N) that require oiling. They tend to kill MAFs.