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Air filter change

Agree , if it is a jiffy lube or a valvoline type place they will bring a dirty filter that doesnt even fit your car and show you that because most customers have no idea what their air filter looks like .

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I certainly hope that is not the norm,

Maybe not the norm, but common.

I had the stiff air duct problem on my 2005 Accord. I solved that when I bought a new air duct.

If your car spent much time near any of the big fires in the western USA this past year, you might want to inspect your engine and cabin air filter.

In those regions, it was common for the cars’ exteriors to be covered in ash, which can block filters sooner.

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Don’t forget that modern cars (yes, 2006 qualifies) have computer controlled mixture, so a dirty air filter doesn’t make it run rich like in old carbureted cars. A dirty filter only reduces max power a tiny bit, and does no harm. I’ve decided to change mine every two years.

A dirty air filter on a modern car can actually improve fuel mileage because it cuts down on available power.

I take my car to a Valvoline oil change place for my NY State inspection because there is never anything wrong with my car and I don’t want my mechanic to lose any money doing the state inspection. They don’ do any real repairs so they don;t try to find non existent bad ball joints etc, but I never buy anything else there.

They started carrying Interstate Batteries there 6 year ago and tried to sell me a battery for my 2912 Camry for three years straight. Now I am in the “Lets see how long it will last mode”, just for fun

Yo years ago they brought me my cabin filter and said it was so dirty it was gray. I said yes, it is a charcoal impregnated one, put it back in.

I’m going to hold off getting my air filter changed for at least a year now.

Could you post a picture of that 2912 Camry . :wink:

Back in the day I got an oil change in a late 90’s Integra. Goober brings over the usual square air filter full of gunk and black from overuse. Too bad for him the Integra used a cylindrical air filter…