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I have a 2008 Ford Expedition. While driving across the desert in 104 degree temperatures, the a/c completely shut off. Would not blow even hot air. This lasted a little over 2 hours until I was able to pull over. After waiting 2 hours, I restarted the car and the a/c worked. The computer did not log this failure (conveniently for Ford because as the dealer explained not every failed is logged) and therefore, there is no proof the situation occurred and the dealer will not further investigate because the problem is not presenting. Any suggestions on how to beat Ford at their very suspicious “programming” game?

You run over a nail and blow a tire out, the computer won’t log it. Your kid pours his Coke on the floor, the computer won’t log that either. The computer doesn’t log every single thing that happens in your car, it manages the engine and some of the electronics. Whether the air conditioning works or not is not one of the things monitored, and that really isn’t the least little bit “suspicious” to me.

As for suggestions on how to get it fixed, that’s pretty obvious: take it to Ford WHILE IT IS FAILING. Don’t shut the engine off, just take it directly to a dealership and show it to a service writer.

Simple, right?

There are several computers and controllers in a modern car. The A/C is not controlled by one. And, you cannot expect anyone to fix a problem that cannot be shown. If you want, I can charge you $85 per hour, tear the system apart, and try to find what may have happened. Drop it off, and I’ll call you back in 2 weeks.

Sometimes it takes a bit of persistence on the part of both the driver and the mechanic to figure out a “phantom” problem, such as this intermittent A/C failure. Perhaps it will never recur. But, if it does, then you need to do as Jay suggested, and take it to the dealership at that time.

As was also stated, this is not the type of situation that will be logged by the OBD system, so it is difficult or impossible to diagnose unless the problem is actually observed. It can be annoying or even frustrating to have a phantom problem like this, but it is also not unheard-of, and you must act very quickly and persistently in order to have one of these situations resolved. Persistence will get you much further in this situation than paranoia about “suspicious programming”.

You would think. Except that I was dying from heat exhaustion, so pulling over and taking care of myself took priority, simple right? A flat tire and a spilled coke are hardly failures of major systems. When I did pull over, I pulled over at a Ford dealer, while it was failing, and they told me they did not sell me the car, they would not look at it, take it to the dealer who sold it to me. So I did. See the loop? Simple, right?

When I did pull over, I pulled over at a Ford dealer, while it was failing, and they told me they did not sell me the car, they would not look at it, take it to the dealer who sold it to me.

Well, that’s a large load of male bovine excrement. They are still a Ford-authorized warranty repair shop. Make sure you let Ford know of their poor attitude (not to mention any friends and acquaintances considering a new car purchase).

Back to the a/c problem. Does the truck have automatic climate control? If so, did the control panel go blank during this episode?

Yes, it has automatic a/c and yes, the control was completely unresponsive during this time. It could not be turn on or off, the fan would not respond. It did not blow any air at all.

Yes, I have to agree with NYBo that this particular dealership failed in their responsibility, and I agree that this should be reported to FMC at the corporate level.

This phantom A/C problem will require persistence on your part, and that persistence may even require you to contact the Ford Zone Representative if your own dealership continues to be unable to solve the problem. Hopefully, if you can get the vehicle to them while it is malfunctioning, they will resolve it. But, if they can’t, you will need to involve the Zone Representative in the process.

That’s better than what Ford is doing.

I would then hazard to guess that the climate control module is heat-sensitive or there is a faulty connection. There are special scanners for diagnosing these modules (as well as other systems). I think Ford’s version is called an NGS scanner. If and when this happens again, pull over as soon as possible, and shut off and restart the truck. This may reboot the module and get you going again. It will also provide potentially valuable diagnostic information.

If the AC system is not monitered and inop conditions conditions recorded I dont think this feature is beyond current technology. It would actually be of value (reduce “could not duplicate” situations)And inprove customer satisfaction.

As with all malfunctions, plumbing, tv, hairdryer, If it’s not currently malfunctioning a tech can’t much tell why.

The feds mandated software that gives us a history of engine,emission malfunctions. Why cant we have software from the manufactures that give us a history of HVAC parameters?(voltages,pressures,switches on/off,activation of high pressure,low pressure switches. Im talking about history information,like2hrs after AC turned on was shut down due to high pressure stuff like that. the days of not currently malfunctioning so I cant fix it should go away.

Not sure on an 08, but on older Fords with this auto climate control nonsense, the system could be put into self diagnostic mode.

Push & hold the correct 2 buttons on the dash & any trouble codes would appear on the dash display.

Ask your dealer about this possibility, so that if it happens again you will be ready to go with your own test.