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Air conditioning comes in "waves"

Greetings! See below for my problem.

The air conditioning in my car gets cold in waves. That is, starts off cold, then gradually gets less cold, then back to cold. Each cycle takes 10-15 minutes. Very apparent when it’s 95? like it is now, as it starts off kinda cool, then just gets warm. Cycles last a lot longer then and it’s not even worth turning the AC on then.

BTW: Just had the freon charged up. This was happening late last summer, but not as bad (or maybe the heat wasn’t as bad…).

Before taking this to a garage, would like a few idea of what the problem could be and a possible cost as I’m sure they’re going to have to get behind the dash, etc. to even get to it.

Any ideas, opinions, etc. is appreciated.


Mark in Kentucky

It could be that the evaporator is icing up. Then the air flow is restricted. The compressor cycles off, the ice melts, the compressor comes on again and the cycle is repeated. There are reasons for this happening–a low charge, for instance. If you just had the system recharged, you could have a leak.