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Air conditioner

Can you use car AC tools to charge a home air conditioner ?? (134a)

Is the charge range the same ?

The bigger question is why do you need to charge a home unit? These are hermetically sealed and should lose no refrigerant at all unless there’s a leak.

No, the charging rate/pressures are not the same.

I question if home units use R 134A.


The home unit uses a different refrigerant and oil. Using r-134a in it will fry the compressor. Don’t do it.

These are hermetically sealed…

Not true. They have service ports and can be serviced. No house units are installed fully charged. They must be charged on site during installation.

Whether we are talking about your car’s air conditioner or your home’s air conditioner, I don’t think anyone should monkey around with it who isn’t a certified air conditioning technician.

If either of your air conditioners isn’t working right, hire a qualified technician to properly diagnose the fix the problem.

R-134a was developed specifically for the automotive industry. They KNOW it’s all going to leak out… Home units, window type or “whole house” use sealed compressors and R-12 or R-22 and seldom need to be recharged.

Thirty years ago there was a kit on the market to add refrigerant to room air conditioners. I read an article about this kit in a magazine. There was a valve that one clamped onto the refrigerant line and it punctured the line but formed a seal. One then attached the can of refrigerant and charged the air conditioner. I don’t think it was on the market very long. As others have stated, room airconditioners are hermetically sealed and should never lose refrigerant. Home air conditioning repair is for a skilled refrigeration technician.