Air Conditioner

I ahve a 2000 Mazda 626LX. Just recently small pieces of a rubber mesh like material have been shooting out of the air conditioner. ieces ar less than an 1/8 of inch for the most pasrt. Just wondering if anyone has encountered this and is it anything that needs immediate attention

Check that a filter like your HEPA interior air filter is not breaking up into pieces. I have seen pieces of plastic flash from the air ducting blow out for awhile.

Rubber mesh does sound like a filter backing.

The ventilation system doors have seals around their perimeters to prevent air leaks and to also prevent the doors from making noise when they switch modes. Over time this material can delaminate off the doors and be blown out of the vent system. This is nothing to be concerned about.


I agree with Tester.
This is simply something that can and does tend to happen to the seals in the ducts of the HVAC system after many years. My '02 Outback recently did this for the first time, and examination of the system revealed exactly what Tester is talking about. Nothing to be overly concerned about.