Air Conditioner

I bought a bottle of that 34a a/c stuff with the hose and nozzle. Does that go on the top and just snap on in when you take the black cap off or is the fitting underneath.

Thank you for you time.

I would take your Venture to an AC shop if you are not familiar with air conditioning systems. They can be dangerous. The low side will get you cold air and the high side will get you a trip to the hospital or worse. Please let a professional handle this.

Does what go on top of what? Aren’t there instructions? Do you have a pressure gauge in this kit? If your A/C isn’t cooling it might be from a lack of refrigerant or it could be something else entirely. Do not add refrigerant if it is already up to pressure.

Dealing with this is not a no-brainer and I’m often thinking that these things should not be sold over the counter.

If you are determined to do this, and you verify that it is low on refrigerant then at least add some with dye in it so that you can find the leak and have it repaired. The only way to end up low is from a leak.

Thank you very much for your help, Missileman and Ciroller I figured it was on the low side. That’s where they said it was. I put some it in a Econoline but thought Chevies may be different. They go blue red and black and they should not be sold over the counter. I did get a DVD that gave a fairly good explanation. I use the lower valve. If that does not solve the
issue, I’ll take it to a shop that are experts.

Thank you again for your valuable help.