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My 1998 Ford Windstar blows hot air out of the rear vents when the front AC is on. The front vents blow cold air. Is this a problem with switch on the rear AC?


Didn’t you like the answers you got the first two times you posted this same question?


Call and ask your nearest Ford dealer…you should get a quick answer.


Instead of starting a third thread on this, you might respond to questions others have asked you in the first two threads.


I have never recieved an answer to the question about the rear AC blowing hot air. This is on a Ford Windstar.

      Larry Howland


Yes, you did. I know, because I was one of the responders!

If your front is working, that means the system is still sealed, and the compressor is working. Check the mechanism that changes the temperature for the rear unit. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, there may be a second expansion valve for the rear, and it is clogged. In that case, it’s time for a trip to an a/c specialist.


Call and ask your nearest Ford dealer

A much better idea would be your nearest AC shop. Cheaper and likely better qualified.




keep your questions in ONE post. it is particularly useless to have to keep switching from one post to another to re answer the same question multiple times.

if the front ac works, then the problem is NOT with the AC compressor.

the problem is either with the selector switch on the main control panel or the rear passenger switch. both switches have a selector to control fan speed and temp on the main unit, or it lets the passengers select the fan and temp in the back.

likely that selector switch has gone bad.

can you figure out how to switch between the two controls? make sure it does not work from either control.
alternately see if it works from ONE, or the other.

then post back what is happening.


Here you go, Larry. Between this thread and the one below, you should have enough to start diagnosing the problem:

Please let us know what you find out.