Air Condition (AC)



The car’s AC works well over 40 mph, however, during rush hour and moving 5 mph (or idle and engine running) within minutes the AC stop working. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance


Do the fan(s) on the radiator come on when you turn the A/C on?


Yes, the fans did turn on

thank you for replying


We had the same problem with our Toyota Tercel and 3 months later the a/c was dead. I’m not a reference with cars, but if you do something, do it now. The mechanic said we could maybe have saved the a/c if we’d gone before…


You need to start by just having a good A/C service shop check the refrigerant level. Yours is probably low & needs to be recharged. If that is found to be the case, then it needs to be evaluated for leaks - it probably has one that needs to be fixed.