Air compressor

i got a small air compressor for xmas.just to put in a few pound of air when tires need the car have to be running when i am using air compressor.

There’s not that big of electrical draw from your battery to worry about.

Santa was never good to me, so my father-in-law gave me a compressor used for air horns in a semi. I adapted an air hose from a defunct tire pump and rigged it with electrical leads and battery clamps and a push button starter switch. I never run the engine when I use this pump. I’ve pumped up car tires, bike tires, air mattresses etc. and had no problems. I don’t think the pump you got for Christmas draws as many amperes as my home-made pump, so you won’t have any trouble. I think you will find your pump very handy.

No. You will find this gift very handy.