Air Bags

Is there anyway airbags can be checked without deploying them…to make sure they will deploy in a crash?

They’ve proven to be very reliable. I don’t know about testing them. Why do you ask?

Make, Model, Model-Year ?

The cars computer checks the air bag when you start the car. Its only way I know to check a airbag. Its not something you should do if you dont know what you are doing. You can get hurt or killed. Airbags should be left to the pros.

Yeah the computer checks every time you start up but I thought I read somewhere that they should be replaced after a period of time like ten years. Maybe that was an old recommendation and who would go to that expense on a ten year old car anyway?

Years ago that was a concern, no longer. They’re life of the car items unless a warning light goes off (or a crash, obviously).