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Air Bag

My daughter was in an accident. A minivan hit her 2007 Versa on the left front (fender & bumper) but the air bag didn’t deploy. Has anybody experienced similar problem with their Nissan or other car, & any feedback on why the air bag didn’t deploy? She bought the car new. Thanks.

I’ve heard of this happening before and at the time it was diagnosed as being hit where there was no sensor.

There are a few spots around the vehicle where the bags will not deploy after a collision.

One would think the air bag would activate when the vehicle was hit in the left front corner.

Sometimes it depends on how hard it was hit.

What does the collision investigator or dealer say?

Your complaint would have more power if injury occured due to a malfunctioning airbag. Was there injury? you must prove the conditions warranted airbag deployment.

Assuming there was no injury, you should be HAPPY, not disappointed, that the bags did not blow…

If the car was hit on the side, and not the front, you would not want the front air bags to deploy. If this car has side impact air bags, and they didn’t deploy, I would want to know why. If the impact was on the front fender, in what direction was most of the force? Only a force received as a frontal collision will make the front air bags deploy.

I had trouble framing the injury aspect,of course we all should be thankful for no injuries,its just that a failed safety system tied to a injury that could have been mitigated if said system functioned get peoples attention.

A great deals depends on where and with what force and direction the impact came. Likely it was not enough force from a given direction to trigger the air bag.

I hope no one was hurt.

The airbags will only deploy under a unique set of circumstances. The impact your daughter’s Versa sustained was not hard enough, or was not at the necessary angle, or both, to deploy the airbags.

This is not unusual, and I think you should be happy the airbags did not deploy.

I want to thank everyone for their very informative feedback. The speed limit is 25 mph & the other driver was going over 35. She has no driver license at all & was in a hurry to drive her sick husband to the doctor. Nissan Motors gave so many variations of the airbag deployment it was obvious they are trying to wash their hands off the problem. Not that I want the airbag to deploy. Statistically, more drivers get hurt by it. But the point of all these is to know “WHY” & if the system is defective. It might be different next time though I hope it won’t happen. They suggested & will pay for the air bag system diagnosis at the local Nissan dealer.

The airbag system does a self-diagnostic test every time the engine is started. That’s why the airbag warning light comes on briefly. If the light goes off, as it should, it means the system if functioning correctly. If the light stays on there is a problem. I think you should assume the airbag system is OK unless the light stays on.

For peace of mind, I still want to know what went wrong. Sometime ago, I read about DOT’s required air bag deployment at 5-MPH. It’s possible of a malfunctioning valve or sensor or hose or any linkages or the bag itself might be jammed between something in the steering. Anyway, thanks for replying. I will know the dealer’s diagnosis test later today. Keep up the good work!!!

Maybe nothing went wrong. As was previously stated, certian criteria must be met before the airbag will delpoy. The computer is looking for certain vehicle speed, certain impact strength and direction, as a host of other variables. Your airbag system is probably the most reliable system in your car. All airbag electrical connections have real gold plated pins and retainers to eliminate any corrosion potential. All airbag connectors have a positive locking device so they will never wiggle loose. Your airbag computer had a battery, or capacitor assembly so if you lose all vehicle battery power, your airbag will still function. One more tidbit of trivia: The airbag, wnen it deploys, it isn’t an explosion, it is simply a burn. A very controlled burn. THis is the bag fills with air instead of blowing off and out of your car. Of course it happens pretty quick.

Nothing went “wrong”…SRS means “Supplemental Restraint System”…Your SEAT BELT is the PRIMARY restraint system. If you want to give your system the ultimate test, drive your car into wall at 45mph like they do on TV…Invite 10 lawyers to witness the test in case they don’t work…

Just some triva here,when at the Dealer and we replaced a airbag due to cosmetic reasons we were required to discharge them (yes this was great sport) we were not allowed to ship them back or just dump them,seems some shippers considered them “explosive devices”

This would be a good one for Ken Green to give some input on.