Ah, car repair

Don’t you hate it when you spend $2500 fixing stuff and turns out it’s not enough? Seller dropped to 1500. My driveway is full.

Hmmm. Radiator, lower hose, water pump, or engine all bunked up. Why stop now?

Depending on make/model/year, at $2500, could make for a pretty good deal for a diy’er needing another car to drive, eventually. It appears however this car may not have been driven gently during its life-span, so the buyer would have to anticipate there are likely other problems looming beyond just the overheating. On the plus side, seller appears to be quite an honest sort.

It’s an equinox with 3.4 v6. Mechanic says intake coolant leak could be cause? Or head gaskets. Fix intake. Hmm, that didn’t work. Take it all part again to do heads? Uh, no.

hmmm … I wonder if there’s a simple way to differentiate an intake manifold coolant leak from a head gasket leak? Presuming that both types leak coolant into cylinders rather than external.

New struts, wheel bearings, brakes. And THEN look at overheating? No no no. Too late now

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No dispute. Not worth taking on that risk. My query was more rhetorical than practical.

One way to tell the difference maybe, head gasket to intake manifold, position TDC intake stroke, then pump up each cylinder one by one, see if they hold pressure. If they all do, pretty good chance the problem is the intake manifold rather than head gasket.

There comes a point where you say who needs the aggravation? My only experience with head gaskets though is that the temp would spike, then cool off, then spike, rather than just overheat. Don’t know if that is always the case.