After market MAF sensors


I have a 2003 GMC Safari with a 4.3L V-6 and I read an add in Motor Trend Magazine or one of the other Automotive Magazines about a modified MAF that can slighty boost performance and MPG’s. I think it was Jet Tech? What are your thoughts and/or comments on this. Has anyone actually installed one of these and did it do anything? Perticularly MPG’s! Thank you for your reply’s…


Possible, yes. Likely to save enough even at today’s dollars to pay for it, no. Also remember that there are tradeoffs. They might improve mileage, but loose some derivability or increase pollution. Chances are GM knows more about the MAF needs of your Safari than ACME AUTO PARTS and BARBER SHOP does.

BTW some people have reported reduced mileage after the change.


I just fixed a broken vacuum line and went from 15.9MPG up to what it used to get before vac line broke which is about 18MPG. I best leave well enough alone! I think I’ll remove the lead from my shoe and install a feather!


Modified sensors have been around for years and in the past have made some sense in performance applications. For example, older mustangs of the late 80’s and early 90’s had fairly restrictive meters vs the size of the throttle body itself. You would pick up a few horsepower by replacing the meter. I think the gains have been minimized today due to improved less restrictive designs. It’s not really worth the investment im my opinion on the vehicle in question unless someone can provide hard data showing otherwise.


It can help, but to get the most out of it you would need a custom tune. Basically it would never save enough fuel to pay fot itself.


FoDaddy, By custom tune do you mean re-flashing the computer? I can do that through a place in New York for under $200.