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'Adoption of Unleaded Gasoline in the 1970s and Dementia Prevalence'

Last weekend I watched the movie “The Founder”, it’s the story of Ray Kroc and the McDonald brothers and the founding of McDonalds in the 1950’s. It’s pretty good. Your “senior moment” comment reminded me that when McDonalds first opened around 1960 where I lived at the time, you could get a hamburger, fries, and soft drink, all for 35 cents. Kids could say a secret phrase, forget what it was, and you’d get a milkshake instead of a soft drink. I never said that phrase b/c the milkshakes then were awful. The movie explains why. The fries were indeed good back then. But I think they are still pretty good. And the milkshakes now are also pretty good.

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I think mine has too, but I’m not certain. I get confused about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As regards the “experts”, I had a prof once that gave us a one-question unannounced test: “What are the name and qualifications of your textbook’s author?”. He was teaching us to never blindly consider the word of anybody to be “gospel”, even an “expert”.
Most intelligent test question I’ve ever seen.


One high school teacher kept telling us to read through the entirety of a test or quiz before answering any questions. One day we got a multi-page pop quiz. I read to the end, found the final line instructed to sign the bottom of the final page and make no other mark anywhere. Those of us who complied passed. Those who answered questions flunked.

A valuable lesson that has served well. I read ALL of any document before filling out or signing anything, be it an employment application or when buying a car. It is a habit that car salesmen did not like my doing. :smiley:

'Exposure to lead in petrol and increased incidence of dementia'
Correspondence in tomorrow's 'The Lancet':