Administrative fees " Buying a Car"

Have been reading about the high fees dealer’s sneak into your cost. Such as advertising fees, administrative fees, registration fees, and documentation fees.

Some state’s vendors charge none and other states can charge $500 to $1,000. even on a used car. What can be done about this? Can we go to our legislator’s? I do not see how it costs $500. to process a used car without a loan. Why can’t we go to the state registry ourselves like in the good old days? Thanks!!

REFUSE to pay it. Simple as that. Tell them this is the deal…PERIOD…If not…walk.

Exactly right. Determine a fair price based on research and tell the dealer that it is all-inclusive. Stick to your price without wavering and be prepared to walk out. Key is to determine a price that is fair and to never deviate from your position. How the dealer divvies up the revenue to cover their internal “bucket” costs, like documentation, is their problem, not yours.

When you’re buying a car, EVERYTHING is negotiable. Registration fees are usually charged by the state, not the dealer, but the rest are pure profit. Don’t pay them.