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Adjusting rear drum brakes on 2001 nissan sentra

Has anyone ever attempted to adjust rear drum brakes on a 2001 nissan sentra? I am familiar with the GM style and these don’t look anything like the old fashioned GM style. I don’t see a star wheel adjuster???

go out onto an empty, quiet street. Put the car in reverse, accelerate to about 10-13 MPH in reverse and then firmly apply the brakes.

Are you speaking about initial adjustment after shoe replacement? the backing up method will take forever if you are not close to start (besides having a inital low pedal)

Put the car in reverse, and as the car rolls backwards pump the brake pedal several times.


basically yes.

I was about to do a rear brake job on the car as it has 75k. I discovered after removing the drums that the shoes had little wear. I then checked adjustment by spinning the rear wheel on the car by hand. It will spin forever! (7-8 times) there seems to be very little drag. I used to use the rule of 2-3 complete revolutions of the tire for an initial adjustment.

Is there no type of threaded rod connecting the bottom of the two shoes? if not is ther some kind of eccentric wheel to rotate and make a inital adjustment? look at the backing plate for a shaft to rotate (for the eccentric type) or a covered hole for the star type.

I always like to get my drum brake close manually before I rely on the self adjustment feature (just like it appears you are doing).

yes , that is what I was trying to do was get the initial adjustment closer . I will look again- but I did not see any way to bring the initial adjustment up.