Adhesives for plastic

I second the Loctite 2 part Cyano on hard interior plastics, the “primer” gives the glue something to grip and the thin, clear cyano doesn’t leave a mess behind.
My concern was whether it would hold up to the interior heat on a hot sunny day but so far no problem.

The initial smell is awful so use in a well ventilated area but it quickly disappears.

Do you folks have any luck w/hot melt glue? You know, the kind that comes in sticks you insert into a heated glue gun? I’ve never been successful getting that stuff to stick to anything. It’s tricky. It seems to hold at first, but within a month to at most a year or two the bond fails.

Hot melt glue is mostly for temparery use mostly used in woodworking.

Yeah agree. If I want to stick a couple pieces of wood together temporarily, hot glue is fine. Maybe on paper or something but otherwise pretty worthless. Just doesn’t stick or penetrate.

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Thanks to all who replied.m I will report back whenn I have completed this!

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It works good for light duty stuff like arts and crafts. It’s not really meant for anything structural…

Contact Cement.

All-I ended up using JB Weld Marine Weld two part slow set epoxy. I have found that a slower set gives better longer lasting results. Cure time was 15-24 hours. Glove box is fixed and the wife is happy!
Thank you for y’all’s input-
D Brown


Thanks for posting the outcome. That’s how we learn - which is why many of us are here. Congrats and best wishes!

If you don’t mind, post back in 6 months to let us know it’s still holding. I have no reason to think it won’t, but it would be a positive indication that JB Weld Marine Weld is a good choice for anyone else with a similar problem.