Adding transmission fluid Ford Expedition 1999

What color is the transmission fluid? Mercon V is the recommended fluid by the dipstick and booklet. It seems to be clear from what I see on the dipstick, not red as I remember

How many miles? When was the last time the transmission was serviced?

Mercon V from Ford is red. I use it, as it is also recommended for my 2000 Explorer.

Transmission fluid will turn amber if way used up and overheated.

That’s what I thought. Way past time for service. Need to add fluid. Hope it’s not too late. The transmission is working alright at this point.

Do not need to “add fluid”. Need to replace fluid and filter.

Right in the same place where you check the transmission fluid level. Pull out the dipstick, put in a funnel, and add the fluid. A normal funnel will not work. You need a long skinny transmission funnel.