Addind 134a a/c

i had to add 134a to my a/c unit.i was told i must have a leak because you should not have to add any 134a to the car than what came with it when i bought that true? 2002 montecarlo ss 44.000 miles.the a/c is working now any comments thanks bob

That’s generally correct. A/C systems are sealed, and they should stay that way unless a leak develops and refrigerant escapes. Long periods of non-use can dry out seals and create a leak…was there ever a time where the system was not used for several months in a row? Even in the winter, the system should be run for about 10 minutes every month to keep the seals lubricated.

If your A/C stops cooling over the next few weeks, you definitely have a leak. Shops can add a special dye to the system to detect where a leak is coming from.

True. The system is sealed until a leak develops. Not a total surprise in a 6-year-old car. How much did you have to add?

Yes there can be leakage at the compressor seal if oil is not splashed there on a regular basis. If the added R134-a leaks out within a year, have an HVAC technician put gauges on the system, check the pressures, and run a sniffer around the system to find any leaks. If the system has been refilled more than once, check the compressor oil level as oil is usually lost with the seeping coolant. In fact, you can usually visualize where the charge might be leaking by the accumulated oil residue.

Hope that helps.

i put the 134a in almost a month ago. the a/c is working fine so far.i live in pittsburgh so 4 months out of the year it is not used .i did not now to put the a/c on thre out the is getting cool…on this car their is a sencor that stats the a/c to clear the windshield at a certain check for leaks do they have to empy out the 134a that is in their now/ thanks for your help

that is another great suggestion thanks

that does help. thanks for all the great suggestion.

R-134a does leave a trail where it is leaking but not anywhere as distinct as a R-12 leak