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Added wrong liquid to coolant

Windsheild washer fluid was added to my coolant by accident. It’s been about two days. What is my best option

Ignore it and drive on. It won’thurt anything.


Okay thank you. Also would this make my check engine light come on just need to know if I should keep looking for another problem.

No CEL… stop worrying


Agree with @Mustangman, nothing to worry about. The check engine light is something else , head on over to a local auto parts store and have them read the codes, post them here, they will look like P1234, we can then comment on what they might mean

Awesome thank you.

I’m wondering why you needed to add coolant? I’d be concerned that is why the CEL has illuminated. If that’s the case then get it check ASAP to avoid damaging, further damaging, or destroying the engine.
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I didnt need thea coolant. It just wasnt completely full at the moment. Just was put into the wrong reservoir

Antifreeze in the windshield cleaner fluid could damage paint.

I’ve seen radiators, radiator hoses, heater hoses, etc… fail where painted surfaces were covered in coolant. And not once have I seen those painted surfaces damaged.



Thank you, Mr @Tester. I never tried. The owner’s manual for my '87 Toyota pickup reads, ‘Do not use engine antifreeze or any other substitute because it may damage your vehicle’s paint.’

How much ww fluid did you add to the coolant overflow tank? If only a cup or two, unlikely to cause any problems to the cooling system beyond perhaps reducing the ability of the coolant to protect against freezing. So if you live in a climate where below 32 degree F temperatures occur, good idea to ask your shop to measure to what temperature the engine is protected against freezing.

If you catch this sort of thing before starting the engine you can often just use a turkey baster gadget to suck everything out of the coolant overflow tank, re-fill the overflow tank with coolant, done.

If you’re still unsure & concerned, ask your shop to replace the engine coolant. Won’t be overly expensive. That should be done every couple of years anyway as coolant become more and more acidic w/time and the acid , if it becomes too low of ph, will damage internal engine parts.

Any problems with the pump from erosion, leaks or anything else can cause your vehicle to overheat . An overheating vehicle is a sign that needs immediate attention. … That might happen if a coolant hose bursts, but it’s far more common for an engine to overheat without any outward signs