Acura RDX 2015 dim headlights

My 2015 Acura RDX headlights are so dim it is dangerous to drive at night…especially with rain on the road. I tried getting the brightest bulbs possible, but it doesn’t help. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks!

The 2015 RDX had HID xenon headlights. What “bulbs” did you get and where did you put them? Are you mistaking the daytime running lights for the headlights?


If this has the HID headlights, the ignitor/s maybe going bad before they actually quit. Gray/brown instead of bright white. If the are the LEDs, are all of them working? Headlights on Acuras generally turn night into day so might be worth a trip to the dealer where they can diagnose them.

check to see if the plastic on the headlight is hazed or cloudy looking. if it is they sell kits to get them clear again. if they are hazed it will cut down the light greatly.


The labor guide shows halogen or HID headlamps. If the vehicle has HID headlamps I don’t believe there would be a complaint, those are twice as bright as halogen.

I did a little poking around. Looks like there are several complaints about that gen RDX and its HIDs getting dim at around 100k. Focus seems to be converging on the reflector and/or the fresnel lens degrading. There’s even a law firm doing some preliminary work to judge whether or not to file a class action. So, OP might be on to something.

So it might be a case of just replacing the headlight housings for a few hundred dollars.

OEM headlamps are $870 each. Aftermarket-Rockauto $325 each.

Inflation sucks. I’d go with Rock I guess. I’ve bought several after market mirrors from them and they were an exact match with OEM, fit and finish.

I agree, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these headlamps cost that much last year.

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Thanks for all of your help. I checked the plastic and it is clear…no haze/cloudy appearance. Shadowfax, I see what you are saying about complaints on the internet. So if I were to replace the headlight housing, would the Rockauto be good? Would I order and then bring them to a shop to install or how would that work? Really appreciate your advice.

First find out if the shop will install customer supplied parts . Some will not and if they do they will not warranty the parts.

If the lens is clear with absolutely no haze (edit - and clean shiny reflectors) I don’t see what replacing the housing will accomplish.

How long have you owned it? Has it always been like this?

Do you have halogen bulbs?

this is for the RLX but probably the same problem.

2014-2015 Acura RLX Recalled To Fix Headlight Flaw (

Could be, but the RDX is a very different vehicle

The outer lens can be clear, but the inner projector lens can be cloudy:
Like in this TL, which looks like it has a cataract.

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Yes, Halogen bulbs. Bought it used a few years ago. The low beams were never bright but have gotten considerably worse…and changing the bulb doesn’t help. The outer lens is clear but actually, the inner lens does look cloudy…like in that picture. How do I fix that?

New housing. You can’t (maybe someone could) take them apart. A body shop is more versed in replacing body parts but discuss with them first and they may cut you a deal on the housings. Rockauto is generally for people that do it themselves.

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Well, new bulbs has no improvement. So, what’s next?