Acura Legend Second generation coolant issues


I have a 1992 acura Legend with 112,000. It is now going on its third new radiator within the last 14,000 miles. I love and take care of this car, hence the third new radiator!! ALL hoses have been changed. Despite all of the work the car keeps leaking coolant, because I keep having to add coolant to the reservoir. What is going on?


You must use the correct coolant and change it on schedule. Unless you buy it from Acura, it might take some research to figure out what is compatible. IIRC, Japanese cars need ?no silicate coolant?. I think they use phosphates instead. I think that the Zerex web site has a lot of information and I think that they have a coolant for everyone. I am sticking with them and I will not go near anything that says ?universal?.

If you have cooling system corrosion problems you should check for electrolysis which is often caused by bad grounds in the electrical system. A Web search will turn up a lot of information. If a shop has installed three rads in the last 14K, I would suspect their competence if they have not checked for electrolysis. It can eat through radiators and heater cores Likity Split. If you have a leak, get the system pressure tested.


Make sure your replacement radiators are the aluminum core and plastic tank type, not the all copper ones from the Philippines. Has anyone checked the overflow tank for cracks or leaks and have you replaced you radiator cap? Little things are often overlooked. Also check for cracks in the little hose between the overflow tank and the radiator cap.