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Acelerate nd pickup issue i10 grand diseal magna

I use 2 drive my grand i 10 magana but when i shift gear or in first gear my accelertae get drop nd agin i leave the pedal nd give it gets but agin nd agin it do same very light like in 1 rpm it drives nd when i use 2 stop car then u can give full acceleter it dosnt drop while in gear only when i drive then it drops what problem is it plz handel my problem i m getting irritate

I suspect you are not in the United States. It would help to know where you are and what this vehicle is because it does not sound like something sold here.

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Trying to read that gave me a headache.


Wow! This is that one time you’d hope to call a Hyundai Hotline and be connected to a call center in India!

I have translated this to be:
Hyundai Grand i10 1.1 Magna Diesel (1.2L) 3 cylinder

A model sold in India. Is this correct, so far?

If I’m understanding the issue, the car runs and when it is accelerated (revved) in neutral (or not driving), the engine increases in RPM as it should.

However, when in gear, being driven (under load) the RPM drop rather than increase, the engine “sags,” when accelerator is pushed.

I’m not sure if this is the issue, but that’s what I think is happening.

Why is it happening? That is the problem for which advice is sought. Is this all correct, so far?

When I figured out nd was and it was much easier.

This problem definitely requires a shop local to the poster to solve.

I like it. A bit of revenge for having “Habib” or “Samar” failing to solve our tech support questions/problems. I feel no guilt posting those actual names on the internet. Does CAR TALK mechanics files cover India?

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I did a search online for that model Hyundai in India.
It seems that that vehicle had no major issues that stood out.

However, if you think we have problems here sometimes with poor service and not enough customer protections, I suggest you do a search like I did. We have it good!

I feel for @ks65560 and understand why he/she would come to us and say, “plz handel my problem i m getting irritate”.

I wish there was more we could do to help.

It’s sold in Europe as well.