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Accidentally put engine oil on brake hydraulic

Accidentally put engine oil on brake fluid hydrauic

I guess you mean you put engine oil in the brake fluid reservoir . If that is the case and it was low then you have a leak problem . That means you could have a braking failure so have it towed to a shop and repaired properly . Since you asked this question it is safe to assume you can’t fix it yourself.

As you probably know, the engine oil does not belong in the hydraulic system and should be removed. You’ll have to have the system flushed before using the vehicle.

I’d use a syringe or turkey baster and try and withdraw as much fluid as possible from the reservoir. Do not spill it on painted surfaces as it can damage paint. Then, using fresh brake fluid, flush/bleed the entire system.

What is the vehicle’s
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Low fluid in the reservoir is not necessarily the result of a leak. We don’t know how low the level was or how much fluid was needed to bring the level to “Max,” but it is normal for the level to slowly drop some as brake (pad/shoes) friction material wears.

Over the life of a set of brakes, I check and correct the brake fluid level in small volumes in order to maintain fluid at the “Max” level and there are no leaks. The volume of the brake hydraulic system increases as brake friction material wears and therefore more fluid is required to to fill the increased volume capacity.
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As has been said, oil and brake systems don’t go together. Do NOT drive the car. Get as much fluid as possible out of the master cylinder, I’d also use paper towels to get it out once I’ve removed as much as possible with something like a turkey baster.

Have you applied the brakes since you added the oil?

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