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AC turns off for no reason

starting the car after a few hours, my AC works and blows cold air but then after a few minutes it turn off /restarts randomly, then after a few more minutes the ac climate control switch turns off and can’t be turned on anymore. Again after a little bit turns on and then turns off.

I took it to a mechanic. He refreshed the freon gas, changed the cabinet air filter, and cleaned the blower but the problem still persist. Then he told me the compressor and everything else with your ac system under the hood works fine but there is something wrong with the electronics of your car and he could not figure out what.

He guessed that it is either the climate control switch or the computer of the car, but i am sure that is the case.

Please help!

nissan altima

Please, Model-Year? Thanks.

There are shops that specialize in air-conditioning repairs. You’ll probably have the best luck by going to one of those.

It is a nissan altima 2012 2.5s 4 cylinder.

Acoording to this issue is well documented for your vehicule model year.This is a complaint written by a frustrated car owner.

I was having the exact same issue with the climate control on my 2012 Altima. It was something that I was willing to live with at first. But I started experimenting with the many rental cars I drive when traveling on business. No other vehicle did I ever have to turn the heat on each time after shutting the car off. The AC was also not cooling as it should. You are justified in being frustrated. I took my car to the dealership regarding a different issue. When the Service Manager went to hook up the diagnostic meter he discovered the “Shipping Fuse” was not pushed in all the way. It only needed to be pushed in about 1/16", but that was enough to make all the difference. Immediately the AC was cooling better, and the climate control will now save it’s settings when turning the car off and on. The fuse was in a compartment under the dash. Without being in the car I cannot remember which side of the steering wheel it was located.

From Eric R …