AC recharge

I have a 2004 Subaru WRX. The AC can be pretty weak at times. My mechanic suggested an AC recharge($60) and stated the systems do need it after so many years?

My question is after 5 years an AC recharge a likely need? Opinions?

If there is a leak, then an AC system absolutely needs to be recharged, as well as checked for the source of the leak. On the other hand, there is no absolute time-frame for this type of procedure.

My old '97 Outback’s AC is still running strong, and has never been recharged. By comparison, my brother’s old '96 Camry usually needed to be recharged every couple of years after it reached the age of 6. And, nobody was ever able to find the source of the leak on that Camry, so he just kept having it recharged.