AC randomly turns on

Hi, everyone. I went to a well known shop yesterday to have brake pads replaced. They replaced the pads, but now my AC is randomly turning on by itself while I’m driving. It happened about 5 times on the way to work this morning. It’s never happened before. Any ideas of what they may have done?

I have to think that this is a random malfunction, as brake work should have no effect on your HVAC system. Certain Chrysler models have known problems with their Body Control Module, so it is possible that your BCM has gone fluky.

Totally agree brake work is completely independent of this issue, but is it possible they left something open or anything else while doing the inspection? They inspect for everything: air filters, fluids, wipers, etc, etc.

Call the shop and ask them if they might have caused this problem . The worst they can do is say no. They might even do a good will gesture and look at your vehicle.

Is it the first time using windshield defroster this year ?

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Unless they opened the control panel for the HVAC system, or tampered with the BCM, there is nothing that they could have left “open” that would explain the situation. And–trust me–they didn’t do either of those things.

But, a return visit to this shop would be a good idea, just to clarify the situation for you.

Most cars turn the AC on and off automatically when the air flow settings are in certain positions. Did they change a setting to a position you don’t use?
Another caution: watch out if this shop is too eager to do a major fix on your system. They might have disconnected something intentionally.