AC Problems

I have a 2002 Chevy venture minivan. My AC condensor, due to faulty design which GM refused to repair,has been replaced. I still have a leak and lose refrigerant over a two or three month period. We have placed the flourescent dye in the system, and still cannot find a leak. The vehicle has front and rear AC. any ideas or fixes?

So what are your reasons for thinking that GM has a faulty condensor design?
What’s the problem with the one you have?
Is whoever doing the condensor replacing wild guessing and are they the ones who told you the condensor was of a “bad design”?

Dye in the system can be a difficult method of determining if a leak exists because there are so many areas in which the dye is not visible.
The best method is the use of an electronic sniffer.

The most common source of refrigerant leaks is a leaking compressor shaft seal. It’s about 8 years old and some refrigerant loss is to be expected by this time.