AC on startup?

When AC first came along, I was always careful to turn off my AC on shutdown and not turn it on at startup until the car had run for 30-60 sec. Nowadays I have just been leaving it on, as it seems to have a built-in lag before starting up. The purpose was to reduce stress on the engine. What do the au courant say?

I don’t know this guy called “au courant”, but all modern cars have a cut-out for the A/C on start up. This was covered in a previous post as well.

Years ago you could buy a cut out relay to shut off the A/C when passing on a freeway. This gave you less need for flooring the accelerator and it improved fuel economy.

Compressors are also more efficient now and the A/C no longer needs 6 HP or so as in the olden days.


Leave the air conditioner on, drive on , people with auto temp never touch anything except the temperature control.

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