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AC keeps cutting out

The AC on my vintage Camry worked perfectly until today. When I first turned it on no cold air came out. So I shut it and later turn it on and it worked for awhile and then quit. It was that way for 100 mile trip. So what,s wrong? Is this $$$$$$$$$ or $$?

I think older Camrys still had a sight glass on the receiver/dryer. If you can see bubbles in there, ad refrigerant until the glass goes clear. Or just take it to a good shop for a $150 recharge. Is this the old R12? If so, you may want to have the shop switch it to R134a (more $'s).

It could be any number of things. You’ll need to take it in to the shop to find out. It could be the compressor, a coolant leak, or an electrical issue.

How vintage is it? It would need to be '93 or older to use R12. Anything newer runs R134a. It could just be low on refrigerant, but it may not be that simple.

1989 Camry DLX