AC Gauges, your thoughts

I am looking at buying “new” AC gauges.
What is your favorite brand of AC gauges? (Money not an issue)

Please give reasons…not “just because.”
Info on bad gauges you have had is welcomed also.

I don’t call do it yourself AC repair a good idea . This is something for a AC shop with proper recovery tools to do . Besides this old truck may not have been updated to the new refrigerant .

Me either, but I have been trained and experienced. I am just looking for others opinions.

Robinair is great. I’ve got a 45 year old set of Robinair gauges that still work fine although the hoses are for R12/R22 and don’t get much use.

Interdynamics sucks. On a whim 4 or 5 years ago I bought a set of their gauges from O’Reillys and within 6 months the entire gauge set was disintegrating. Plastic covers on the gauges were actually crumbling, several knobs also crumbled, and all 3 hoses were actually crumbling apart from one end to the other. Needless, to say, the latter can be an extreme health and safety hazard.
Too late to take them back so I chunked them into the trash bin.

I know a few people that bought gauge sets from Harbor Freight and have had no issues over the past few years but a couple of years is not much of a test run so I can’t speak personally for those gauge sets.

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