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AC button: To leave on constantly, or turn off when interior is cold?

Do you save gas by pushing the ac button on and off when the vehicle gets really cold inside, or is it better to leave it on constantly and adjust the temp? Is it excessive wear on the ac system versus saving a lil on gas? Which is a better practice?

You will save a very small amount of gas by turning the AC off. It may not be measurable.

You will not cause excess wear by pushing the button on and off.

If this were my vehicle I’d leave the AC on and adjust the temperature.

At home, do you manually shut off the A/C and/or the furnace as soon the house reaches the desired temperature, and then turn it on again when the temperature becomes uncomfortable? Probably not, as that is what the thermostat on the home’s HVAC system is intended to take care of.

Similarly, in your car it is best to use the temperature control on the HVAC system in order to control the temperature.

If you have climate control, leave it on and forget it. If not, adjust by comfort. It’s a system that suffers more from lack of use in cooler climates than over use. It’s a refrigeration unit. Don’t worry about it and enjoy.