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ABS on 2005 santa fe

my brakes are out, to the floor. they have replaced the master cylinder twice and will be trying to put on caliphers. They have bled all the lines, and still air in cylinder. Will the caliphers help or is this the last thing to try?

It requires an ABS scan tool to bleed this brake system. Is that being used?


Dealer or independant shop? Sometimes there are specific bleed procedures for a particular car/equipment,are they using the correct bleed procedure.Maybe this info is avialable on the net but I don’t know of a site,maybe someone else does,or google.Tester you beat me by 2min. or I wouldn’t have posted

It is being done at the dealership, still under warranty, and I hope they have the right tools. They say all their sensors don’t show a problem, but this is the third visit. First, they told me there was no problem, (i’m a woman so I figured they blew me off). Second time, they changed the master cylinder. 3 time, which they still have it, they going all out to find the problem.